Monday, May 3, 2010

A few of my favorite finds and things

No card today-working on some different swaps and stuff but wanted to share few of my current bookmarks/things I like just because!

1. Cool paper flowers tutorial

2. Felt flowers sorta like Maya Road flowers

3. This is a happy life card by Jimmi Mayo- love the paper and how fun this card is!

4. Adorable Good Boy card by Zacksmeema

5. The book I am starting to read this week: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (thanks to some recommendations)- I found it at Value Village like new for 2.99 I think or 3.99. whoot!


Lindsey said...

Thanks Carla! That link to the flower tutorial was fantastic, i can't wait to have a go now, what a brilliant lady!
Linds xx

HappyCrafter said...

Thanks for sharing these favorite things and finds, I'll check out the flower tutorials. I've read that book and it was good, I hope you enjoy it. Got to love the book prices at VV, get lots of mine there too. Have a great day.

alicaz said...

cool finds - I found the flower tutorial too, but don't have a crimper. So I just tried to scrunch it lots of times, but didn't wotk so well...