Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Izzy (a bit early)

My sweet little Izzy turns 12 on June 24! She has been my constant companion and buddy for 12 years! That calls for a celebration!

First a few links we have to share:

Manitoba Pug Rescue- this is where Izzy's sister Holly is from
The Daily Puglet- my fave blog ever!
and of course one of her fave YouTube videos


So in honor of Izzy's birthday, I will send one lucky comment-er a bundle of seam binding ribbon from Prairie Bird Boutique! So just help me wish Izzy a happy birthday and leave a birthday wish!

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Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to Izzy! I recently found your blog because I make cards when I have extra time. I also have two pugs. One I got from a rescue and the other was given to me from someone who was moving overseas. I've had seven pugs in all. The rest have passed away over time. I love them. Love your cards!

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Carla...oh...ummm...the REAL REASON i am here= HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY! lol

Karli said...

Happy Birthday Izzy!!! her's to 12 more! hugs~

Anne said...

Happy Birthday to the Princess of Pugdom, doesn't she look adorable in her birthday photo


Imke said...

Happy Birthday from Germany to IZZY !! Her Birthday picture is so sweet.....

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to Izzy!! Pugs are so darn cute! I showed my son the video you posted & it made him giggle. Said he wants one when he grows up :)

Kelly G said...

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear Izzy!
Happy Birthday to You!

Hope you have a great day and are spoilt rotten by your family.

Linda Palmer said...

She is a cutie, that is for sure. Happy Birthday Izzy! Thanks for the top 3 badge..I appreciate it.

Beccy said...

Happy birthday Izzy, am trying to talk my OH into having a pug just like you but am fighting a losing battle at the moment. Still gotta keep trying.

birthday Hugs

Beccy x

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Awwww....heeheehee...Izzy is beautifuL!!! Happy Birthday Izzy!! *blowing kissies* What a CUTE video too!!! Our little chiweenie does that too. That is SO adorable. LOL


Oh sorry I missed Izzy's Birthday this past weekend! Happy Belated Birthday, you are a beautiful 12 Years Young !!! You are so right, these little babies provide us so much love and companionship they deserve to be celebrated!!!! Pug hugs and kisses from me and my gang and I hope Izzy that you had the best day ever!! xxoo