Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recycled Can, Black Bean Soup, David Soul, Dental Picks, and MORE!

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well! October already!  Over at Shopping Our Stash this week we have two options: create something with GREEN (any shade of green) as the PRIMARY color.  Small amounts of other colors are welcome, but the main color should be green.  The other option is to RECYCLE something- you name it!  So, to summarize: GREEN OR RECYCLE - or both!

I have developed a fondness of a particular brand of black bean soup, and it's a great lunch to take- I nuke it at work, add after it's all hot and bubbling, I add some grated cheese and a dollop of sour cream, with a side of cornbread or Tostitos.  MMMmm.  And it reminds me of David Soul- who's single Don't Give Up on Us Baby had this song as it's B side. On a 45 record.   That's smaller than a 33 for you young'uns- and way before cd's.

Just sharing a bit- oh yeah, now the reason I did today's project is because I had several of these cans (washed and de-labeled of course) in my bin of things to alter (doesn't everyone keep a bin of stuff to alter?), and on one my many shopping forays into Dollarama, I found two spools of neon twine. So, I decided to combine the two. I used Sookwang tape on the can- and then used a lighter to melt the ends.  I like to live on the edge.   Then I found in my stash of homeless pieces the Unity sentiment, and decided I like the play on words that putting it on a can would produce.  Get it, right where you should be- a can holds stuff right where it should be- hahahah.

Anyway, this is the finished product, and even though my husband says it's just a can with twine, but I beg to differ.  NOT JUST A CAN- but the resting place for my cropodile, one of my SU wheely things which I hope I will actually USE soon,  and my poky stick thingy I use to poke out the tiny bits on dies that are unruly.  Actually, my poky stick is a cheap one of these from, yes, you guessed it, Dollarama.  It works great, and also unclogs bottles of glue, glossy accents, etc.

So, that's it for my recycled project.  Teaser- another can will be making an appearance on Sunday.  Just sayin'.  


lauren bergold said...

k, i remember "don't give up on us baby" (& yes, 45's!!!!!! and that little thingie you had to put in the center to play them on the 33 record player!) but did not know the b-side of that one, ta v much for the educational link!!! (i probably liked starsky better, actually, lol; though of course no one could TOUCH david cassidy circa 1974!!!) and YES, of course i have a bin of stuff to alter, it's in the crafty RULES, i think!!!! :)

but now i think i shall have to start eating black bean soup, just so i can DO THIS, since you make it (& david soul--who was recently in an episode of "inspector lewis", btw; looking quiiiiiite different, so mebbe DON'T watch if you had a huge crush!) look totally and completely awesome!!!!!!! ♥

jimlynn said...

It's certainly NOT just a can with twine!! It's wonderful!!! I love it and it's great to store all sorts of stuff in. Love the way you wrapped it with the neon twine!

Linda Palmer said...

It is a great idea and think I will give this challenge a try. Love your sentimate and the neon string.

Glimpses of My Heart said...

What is it with guys!! Sheesh!! They just don't get it! Great organizational tool for your work table! Bravo (and I tend to live on the edge too....the other day I tried burning some paper for my project on Sunday.....I had to start over with new paper.....)

onecraftymama said...

I should have stolen some of my mom's dental picks! She has every kind since she HAD to try them & can't throw away the ones she doesn't like...who knew they could be crafty-useful? You, of course!
Love the idea of making a useful thing pretty - now to try & remember to do that for my own desk :)

Margaret said...

We were talking the other day about a satellite radio station featuring B sides and my kids had no clue what a B side was. Then they wanted to know what a 45 was... At least they do know what a record is!!
LOVE your altered can and you need to remind your DH that you could have went out and bought a very expensive container to hold your supplies instead of recycling!! That usually works w/ mine!
That soup sounds yummy! Might need to try some now that fall is here!

ScrappySandie said...

Hi Carla! That soup sounds so delicious...especially on this cold rainy day! TFS! Your storage can is great! Neat idea and love the colors AND that sentiment!