Sunday, November 11, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling

 That's my mummy taking it easy on a jar of gesso.  He could totally do the shuffle.

This is not a normal type project for me, but I wanted to do something completely FUN; (I had a mini-meltdown earlier this afternoon when I realized I had deleted my in-process NaNoWriMo novel- but luckily DH used some super-duper software to recover it from the hard drive, because I had already deleted the recycle bin.)  so I joined in the Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge this week- to use snails or stripes.  I don't have a snail stamp- and I didn't find one online I really like to print, so I just drew one. Just warning you now... it's not pretty.  But I tried, and that counts for something.  What it counts for is a mystery, but anyways.  As I was putting it together I remembered this old vintage button I had in my stash, so I added it.  If I had realized it before I drew, colored with watercolor pencils, cut out and adhered Sammy Snail, I would have just used it for the body...but noo....that's too easy. So it's there.  Added some punched grass, rhinestones, and used a scrap of Basic Gray paper I had out.  Then I thought of that song "Everyday I'm shuffling" so I used that.  Then I realized I shouldn't have made such a big space between every and day, but The Crooked Stamper was not on Twitter to advise me on the correct everyday or every day dillema.  So it's kinda her fault.

:)  I'm off to practice my shuffling skillz.


Jenn Borjeson said...

ROFL Carla, this is absolutely fantastic. I love everything about it, but the "every day I'm shuffling" might be my favorite part. All I can picture is the snail singing it.... hee hee Thanks so much for joining us at Wicked Wednesday. Yay for techie husbands. :)

Sharon said...

Fantastic Carlo thanks for joining our challenge at wicked Wednesday this week!!

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh good grief! And many more non-PG words....I would have completely lost it. Yay! for hubbies who can help!
And that song....that lives in my head. My oldest LOVES it.

Diana Fernandez said...

Carla, it's super fab! I love your snail! I'm due for my ATC this week! You've inspired me!

Julie Short said...

What Fun!!!! And isn't that what crafting should be about! Love your snail and thank goodness for Super Husbands :)

Margaret said...

This is wonderful and I LOVE your snail! The button gives the impression that the shell is spiraling out, and what a perfect song quote for Mr. Snail!
I am glad to see Mummy is still hanging around and that your DH was able to save the day!