Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anything But a Card Challenge 8

Anything But a Card Challenge 8: Celebrating the Light or Seasonal Holiday- this challenge still has another week so there is time for you to join in!  You can do something related to light- fire, fireplace, sun, flames, candle, lamps, or any seasonal/winter holiday!

I made these little Christmas trees after seeing a lot of them here and there.  I used a frozen pizza box and a cereal box for mine.  So the bases were free- then the black crepe paper I had leftover from Halloween,  and I thought it would be creepy elegant... but you  can make yours more traditional!  The gold cording one- I bought a bag of mixed trims at a thrift store the other day, and this was in there.  I think I paid three dollars for the bag of several items- so maybe 1.00.  The pearls and bling I have tons of in my stash from the dollar store.   I was going to take these to work for the reception area, but then I got sick and was running behind, so they are on my end table. I was gonna look for a more traditional topper, but I decided to use what I had on hand.   I am sharing a couple of links so you can get more detailed instructions and different ideas for other types.    I think on  one of the bases I stapled it and also used some masking tape as the surface didn't have to be totally smooth and seamless, because it's all covered up. This is a view from the bottom.  You can cover the bottoms if you want with a circle of paper.  If you are using cording or some other trim, start by feeding it up thru the bottom and out the top- so if needed, you can trim your tree down to size if you run out.

More trees:
Crepe Paper Flapper Tree
  My black one is after this one, but I did more random/choppy layers.

Tons of ideas here-  For some reason this loads reeallllly slow on my computer.  But hopefully not on yours!

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mark gould said...

A great re purpose make, The black tree looks very cool, My kinda thing ;)

Imke said...

Carla, these trees are gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration.

butterfly said...

What a fun project, and fabulous results!
Alison x