Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping Our Stash: Strangest Crafty Purchase

Today at Shopping Our Stash we are asking you to use your strangest crafty purchase- you know, those things you just have to have because you are sure you will use it for a fabulous card or project, then it kinda just sits there and/or you wonder what ever possessed you to buy it!

I have a few such purchases on this card.

One:  the sentiment is a clear sticker I put on a piece of colored cardstock- I bought this ages ago as part of a pack I think, but couldn't figure out how to actually use it.  Then the card base is cream/ivory cardstock, which at one point I was sure I would use a ton of, so I bought a whole ream of it.  Now, some years later, I still have most of it.

So, put your thinking caps on and dig thru your stash and set something free you were sure you would use!


Jessi Fogan said...

Ah, the lure of the 'but I like it!' purchase! I would have had to have this sentiment sticker too :)

Margaret said...

This is so pretty and I love how you used the sticker! I really need to do this and attempt to make my stickers file a little smaller!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Eeecckkks- I have an entire draw of stickers....grunge board and cardboard shapes to put onto cards..... Your card is adorable and the sentiment looks great!

lauren bergold said...

oh my gosh, this is not only brilliant AND beautiful, it's also summed me up perfectly, lol! awesome, missus! ♥