Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cooking in the lab and a bad case of whhhhy did I buy this?

Do you ever just have to have something craft-related and then when you get it, open it, and let it sit there a bit, you wonder what the heck was I thinking?  I usually LOVE anything Tim Holtz, so when these items were available for pre-order awhile back, I had to jump on it!

   I sat down earlier this week trying to make myself use un-used stuff of which there is NO shortage...uggh.  Anyway, I  took out The Chemist stamp set and the Laboratorie papers.   I had a serious case of my word....why why why.  I actually find I HATE most of the paper in that pad. The stamps- I like them okay...but then I started thinking just what kind of cards can I make to give to people with these images?  I looked for examples online, and got a few ideas. I ended up fussy cutting two stamped images to combine.

This one...well, its okayyy...but all I could think of for a sentiment was  "congrats on your surviving the  meth lab explosion"  or "sorry your experiment went horribly wrong".  I left it blank.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Tim,  and I  am sure a lot of people will enjoy these items and will make all sorts of fabby things with them.  I will share a project tomorrow I actually really liked from this set and paper!

I used copics, Glossy Accents on the  bottles/tubes which didn't photograph well, Distress inks to color the paper somewhat, and some brads.  It sorta looks like he got a bruise on his cheek, but thats because I forgot to clean my blender after using on something dark.  Oops.  Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by!


CG said...

LOL haven't we all done that! Seems like a neat set, but not great for making everyday cards... Oh course, meth labs exploding is quite the pop-culture hit these days, so many you're on to something LOL. Love your coloring. Best, CG

Julie Short said...

I am laughing - surviving the meth lab indeed would be cause for celebration.
I though the bruise was a result of a mysterious encounter with a door.
Sometimes I think we all have "what was I thinking moments"

DogsMom said...

He has an interesting expression. I can see you turning him into anything western/cowboy or steampunk or if you ever need an undertaker.

Graduation card?
Glad you will never have to be in this class again.

The bottles, mortar and pestle are intersting.

Sometimes we all think we want a set and find we don't use everything included.